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tinkerella Registered Posts: 45 Regular contributor ⭐
But my budgeting results are still not there which can only mean they still haven't marked my paper!!!!!!!!!! and it is not showing that i sat my fnpf which i sat in January!!!

Getting more and more annoyed (Doesn't help that my tutor is not responding to my emails either!!!)



  • LucyN
    LucyN Registered Posts: 23 New contributor 🐸
    It will only show results for CBAs 25/11/10 - 21/12/10 so your Jan one wont be on there.

    Its not showing my Financial Performance either taken 14/12/10.

    I spoke to the college and they said they have spoken to AAT and that they are uploading results in batches and should all be done by the end of the week!

    Not very professional that they sent us all an email saying the results are online only for us to find they arent all online again! They should have uploaded the lot and then sent the email.

    I can only imagine their phone lines are now going mad!!!

    Good luck for when you get them though xxx
  • AuntieT
    AuntieT Registered Posts: 96 Regular contributor ⭐
    Just seen this and got mine!


    Thank whatsit for that - that has to have been the longest "6 weeks" ever!
  • sarahjq
    sarahjq Registered Posts: 8 New contributor 🐸
    Well I was just moaning at home, saying that they should have people working round the clock to get the results uploaded. I checked at 6.30... Nothing!! But at 7.30 I got budgeting result!! A pass yay, one down just financial performance to go!! Good luck everyone

  • LucyN
    LucyN Registered Posts: 23 New contributor 🐸
    Well I got my Financial Performance result when I was in the pub at half ten! Needless to say I screamed with excitement as i passed!!!

    Finally I have my results!!!

    Good luck everyone xxx
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