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Hi all

i am due to sit my FRA cbe on the 1st april and wanted to ask if anyone new what area's are likely to come up and the same for ECR which i am sitting on the 6th may.

any advice or pointers would be gladly received i am a home study student and i have failed two paper based exams in both subjects already which i put down to the fact that i had just had a baby both times i sat them and i really want to pass this time.

Thanks in advance becky.


  • LucyN
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    Im not studying this now so i cant realy tell you what areas, but what I will say is practice the mock ones online a lot, once you have a sound grasping of that you will be on track!

    Good luck x
  • beckyfrost
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    thanks lucy x
  • Budgie
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    Hiya Becky, I agree with Lucy, make sure you do lots of study questions, and practise exams. I sat Unit 5 (is that the same as FRA?) last year and passed. Like you, I didn't know what would be in the exam, but good prep goes a long way. Study well, do extra questions. Sit a mock paper at home or in the library, try to treat it as much like a real exam as possible. Your learning provider should also provide you with a computer-based mock, which will give you a better idea of the actual CBE, so maybe ask them about that. What books are you studying from? I used Kaplan, which I found to be really good for Unit 5, but awful for Unit 31 Accounting Work Skills!

    I really hope everything goes well for you :)
  • beckyfrost
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    thanks budgie i'm using osbourne books with preimer training i'll give my tutor a email to see if he can help. i always study at home where the kids are never thought to go some where else.
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