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Just wondering if anyone had any ideas as I'm not sure which way to go from here....I am waiting on my PTC results which should be out next week and then once my stupid college pulls its finger out and decides to mark my Unit 10 (which its had since the beginning of December and I'm still waiting for my first draft back!!!!!!!) then I will have completed AAT. My intention was always to go on to CIMA but due to aforementioned useless college I have now missed the registration deadline for May exams which has (unfortunately) given me a little bit of thinking time. My long-term objective is to move to Australia and I'm now wondering whether its actually worth doing 3+ years hard slog to get CIMA or whether it would be quicker, chearper and easier to do a 1 year top up degree. Any thoughts welcome!!


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    If you are planning to move to Australia, have a look at a few of the job sites there, find the kind of job you would like to do and see what they are asking. I would for now mainly look at international orientated companies, as they usually got the international equivalents mentioned for the Australian studies.
    Just use that as a guideline to what might be the best step from here.

    That said. Looking at the sites gives an indication for the current situation. Have a close look at the job descriptions to make sure those are of interest for you and maybe check a few times in the next couple of weeks/ months to see if there are any changes.
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