ECR Limited Factors

Hi Guys
I am really having problems understanding the limited factor thingi for Unit 6.
I can do the questions in the Osborne Book - but then as soon as I look at a simulation my brain turns to mush!
Is it just me thats a bit dim or what?
I seem to get to about Task 10/11 on the simulations and loose it.
Is there any work that anyones knows of on the internet? I dont seem to be able to see anything. or do you think I should start looking at the past exam papers again?
Any input much appreciated.


  • Marga
    Marga Registered Posts: 981

    i will be able to help once i am at home (at work now)

    i think i have some examples worked on excel so i can send them over
  • anniebabe
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    Oh thats fab Marga - would be really appreciated - big hugs to you.
    Really stuck and its getting upsetting now.
  • Marga
    Marga Registered Posts: 981

    Lets see if the attached helps .....

    it is an example from one of the past papers (June 2008)

    i have it in excel so you can use other figures and add or delete other criteria like materials limiting factor, overheads etc but i cannot attach excel files here

    send me a pm with your email if you want it and i will send it over
  • anniebabe
    anniebabe Registered Posts: 595
    thats great thanks Marga, will have a look at that today.
  • anniebabe
    anniebabe Registered Posts: 595
    Does anyone else have any Limited Factor work/help that they could pdf me?
    Would be really appreciated as I am totally poo at this atm :/
  • SandyHood
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    Questions only - taken from past assessments and exams.
    Help for practice once you have an idea of what to do

    No answers available from me

    If you want to look then put: [size=+2]Limiting Factors [/size]as your subject line, and email me.
    [email protected]
  • Marga
    Marga Registered Posts: 981
    A good help to me when i was doing this unit was to relate the examples to the day to day things in life

    What does limiting factor mean? It means that somehow or by something you are limited to carry on an action that otherwise you would do as per normal

    For example

    it takes 2K of Flour to do 2 cakes
    it takes 3k of flour to do 6 loaves of bread

    you can sell each cake at £1.50 and each bread at 1.75
    Usually to are able to bake and sell 6 cakes and 12 breads a week

    IF you wouldn't ave a limiting factor you would to as many cakes and as many loaves of bread as possible to get as much money as possible this would be doing all 6 cakes and all 12 breads so you could get
    6*1.5 = £9 from the cakes
    12*1.75= £21 from the breads
    total £30 a week

    Now, you are at home and bring the flour out to start baking cakes and bread when you realise that actually you have only 10K of flour . How many cakes and bread would you bake so that you max your profits that week?

    6 cakes a week take 6Kg of flour
    12 breads a week take 6Kg of flour
    so you would need 12Kg of flour to do your baking but you have only 10Kg!

    so you have to decide what you bake so that when you sell the pieces you get the most of your money

    You could do 6 cakes taking 6Kg of flour and then use the other 4K of flour to do 8 breads (each bread uses 0.5K of flour as per above) then you would gain:

    6 cakes at 1.5 = £9
    8 breads at 1.75 = £14
    total £23

    The other side is
    Do your 12 breads using 6Kg of flour and then the other 4Kg to use to bake cakes therefore you would have 4 cakes and you would gain

    12 breads at 1.75 = £21
    4 cakes at 1.5 = £6
    total £27

    So it seems the second option is the best one

    Hope this example helps, i just made it out *LOL* i know sometimes is more complex than that but once you grasp the idea and steps to follow it will click :)
  • crispy
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    A simple way of completing limiting factor questions:

    1. Calcuate contribution for each product
    2. Establish what your limiting factor is
    3. Calculate the contribution per the limiting factor (contribution / limiting factor)
    4. Rank the products (highest first)
    5. Produce your products per rank accordingly upto the limiting factor
  • anniebabe
    anniebabe Registered Posts: 595
    thanks for the help guys.
    think I am just going to have to keep working on it.
    like i think i mentioned - i am ok with the text books - but the simulation questions really confuse me. :/
  • Jo Clark
    Jo Clark Registered Posts: 2,525
    Hello Anniebabe

    I have a pdf file about Limiting Factors which I downloaded from a section of the AAT website. I found it really helpful and after practicing a few questions it all made a lot more sense.

    Like you have said in your message, keep working at it and it will all become clear for you too :)

    I will email the pdf along with my solution and working to one of the SIMS limiting factor questions.

    If anyone else would like the pdf please let me know - I couldn't attach to this message as the file is too large.

    Do email me if you have any queries on this.

    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
  • Jo Clark
    Jo Clark Registered Posts: 2,525
    I've just found where on the AAT site the document is located...

    I think you will need to login using MyAAT.

    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
  • anniebabe
    anniebabe Registered Posts: 595
    thanks for your help Jo. :)
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