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Does anyone know if you have to pay exemption fees for the five certificate level papers to do cima now (cost £45 each) or do you just move straight onto the professional qualification without applying for exemptions?


  • Lou1234
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    My understanding is you do have to pay for each certificate exam.

    This annoys me as we have paid for AAT which they accept makes you exempt yet you have to pay out quite a bit of money for the exemptions.

    Found these two pieces of info on the CIMA website:

    If you want to accept your exemptions, you must make sure you pay your exemption fees within eight weeks of receiving your exemptions. Once you have paid for your exemptions we will only be able to refund your money in exceptional circumstances and during the three months following your payment. No refund will be offered if you paid for your exemptions more than three months ago

    You will be charged a fee for each exemption awarded to you. This fee will be same as the exam fee for that subject.
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    To apply for the exemptions, you will have to provide evidence of your qualification (AAT NVQ 4 in Accounting certificate) this will make you exempt from the certificate level, but unfortunately you will be charged a fee for each :(
  • PGM
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    I had to pay for them at ACCA, but when you consider the alternative its money well spent! :D
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