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Just need some advices in memebership field. I started my own s-e bookkeeping business. As I have not got fully 52 weeks of experience I can not apply for any of AAT memebership (I have student one althought I finished all levels). So I thought it may be worth apply for another accounting/bookkeeping bodies' memebership. Found IAB (International Association of Book-keepers), wrote to them and been told that I can apply for their associate one, based on my AAT qualifications. I think I will do, but just wondering what You all, people with more experience than me, think about it? would it be beneficial to me, or better act without any and somehow gradually build up necessary 52 weeks and apply for AAT ones?
Any comments more than appreciate.
P.S. Also if I need to speak behalf on my clients to Tax Credits/Child Benefit will You use their normal phone number or is there any special one for agent(I am currently registeres as an agent with HMRC and with MLR)
Thank You


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    AAT is a higher qualification than IAB, I would just apply to full membership when you have the requisite experience.

    If you lack in experience then make sure you are only taking on tasks that are within your abilities.

    I don't know of an agent line for tax credits but if you look on the hmrc site there is a link at the top for Agents - follow that and go to agent dedicated lines.
  • gregory
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    Thanks Monsoon for Your help, yes I will only take those tasks I am able to do.
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    i forget what AAT require, would it help you if you had done overtime etc, as the overall ours may then be enough?
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