What is wrong with the aat!!

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I am so mad! I received email saying I owe exam fees! I know I dont!

I sat 4 exams!

2 which were resitS PTC AND DFS
And then PEV and PCR

I paid for my resits and college paid they others as this was included in the fee.

I have rang the aat 3 times... no one calls back and on 4th call I am told there is no record that I sat any exams! I was only able to sit 2 due to college closing for snow. 1 was day before snow came... PEV and the DFS was sat at revised time.

I am so mad right now...! has anyone else had similar issue?


  • mark057
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    Not had such an experience with AAT but something similar with ACCA.

    I paid my annual subscription through a bill payment transfer which debited my bank account on the same day. I was not able to pay the fee through my ACCA student account by debit card, on numerous occasions, as the payment facility was down.

    It took them weeks to credit my ACCA student account with the payment. Even after numerous phone calls making them aware of the situation.

    The funny thing was half way through all these problems I complained by e-mail and a week or two after the problem was sorted, and my ACCA account had been credited with the subscription fee, I received a e-mail telling me they had resolved the reason for my complaint.

    Hmmmm. A day late and a dollar short comes to mind.

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