Couple of questions....

Flying Scarlet
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Hi all

Finally passed my final exam , though it took em ages to get the courage to open the email & am about to start the application for full membership. Basically I paid at the end of January my student membership fees of £74 (basically to get my results), would anyone be able to tell me whether the AAT will take this into account & make a deduction from my full membership fees if approved for this year as I have basically paid £74 for 6 weeks membership.

Also I am hoping to go self employed once the project I am employed on runs to the end, I have a contract for 3 years minimum of funding as it stands, but I was wondering if anyone had any tips on starting up sort of small if that makes sense... I want to build up the amount I do over time but has anyone got any tips on how to best start getting a few customers? I have done a couple of local charities & organisations books in the past which helped but just wondered if anyone had any tips.


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