Has anyone done cba for accounts prep 1?

Hi all, just wandering if any of you have done the cba for accounts prep 1 yet? We are doing the practise one at college on Tuesday but I'm really nervous about it now! Is there anything nasty in there? Obviously everyone is in the same situation of knowing what to revise and with lack of practise exam papers isn't helpful!
Any advise of what I can revise will be hugely appreciated :)


  • Jay1981
    Jay1981 Registered Posts: 36 ? ? ?
    Did it a few weeks back.

    Pre-payments and Accruals, Disposal of fixed assets/dep'n and the extended trial balance.

    Know these, you're on to a winner, good luck
  • kirstym01
    kirstym01 Registered Posts: 43 ? ? ?
    Brill thankyou! I am quite confident with accruals/prepayments and extended trial balance..... its the depreciation that gets me every time!
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