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I, for my sins, have taken on the Treasurers role at our local community centre. It's got a virtually new committee as it had been run into the ground under previous committee. Anyway, the centre is now making money and we've sorted the majority of maintenance issues. It's been decided that in order to keep it running well we should employ a centre manager (he had been doing the job foc for us for past few months and helped turn it around).
Now, the problem I am having is that I need to set him up for payroll. I have managed to find out the PAYE ref and office no. as they had employed people in the past however. As I am set up as an agent I tried to do a 64-8 online assuming that any activation code would go to the centre. It hasn't!
I then called the HMRC who told be that the address I had was not the address on their system and had the business moved? (I had to laugh as the nature of the business is the building and it's not in the habit of moving!). Anyway, I have no way of knowing what address it would be nor where to go from here. He suggested writing a letter to HMRC but said they had a backlog of around 90 days.
Can anybody think of anything I can do that may speed things up? I spoke to a previous accountant of the centre who said that I should use a paper 64-8 although I don't see how this would help


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    I would write to them. I find a response is usually received in less than 90 days - that seems a little extreme. A paper 64-8 would probably mean that they work a little harder to sort the information for you, but they seem to be taking about 90 days anyway! I can't see an easier solution, sorry.
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    Could a previous committee member have used thier personal address, whoever previously looked after the payroll

    Or maybe a previous book-keeper or accountant?
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