CBE for external students near London

To finish this level by June I just need to complete Unit 6 which I am halfway though. I hope to sit it somewhere at the end of next month.

I am studying with Eagle Education so need to find somewhere that will accept external students for CBE. Does anyone know of any centres in the south east that might let me sit it with them.

Many thanks



  • Lou1234
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    I'm not sure if London itself is too far for you but I've sat all my paper based exams at London SAM near Aldgate as an external student. I think they accept external students for the computer based as well.
  • katsutlieff
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    Thanks Lou

    I have sat a paper based exam there once before. I haven't sat a CBE yet, so I am unsure of how they work, does there need to be a certain amount of students per sitting or can you just book and go.

    I really should have got my butt into gear and finished this level last year, but got severely stuck on Prof Ethics
  • Rinske
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    BPP has a number of centres in the South as well. You could give them a try?
  • katsutlieff
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    Many thanks, I will ring around a few places tomorrow. I'm in Shepherds Bush on Tuesday so may pop into BPP and ask there.

    I'm sure the majority of centres would accept external students, just panicked last night as I really don't want to have to sit the paper exam in June. If I failed I would have to sit Pro Ethics again which I don't think I could face
  • Lou1234
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    I lied in my first post above - I actually sat my first exam at BPP in Croydon but then they disappeared off the list that come up when you book exams on this site! Don't know if that has changed again.

    I think most colleges will only hold the exams every now and then (but most smaller colleges won't accept external students). I can imagine that London SAM hold exams regularly (each exam for paper based has had about 100 students when I've been!)
  • katsutlieff
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    I have just spoken with Kaplan in Crawley and I can sit my Unit 6 CBE there at the end of March, phew!

    Many thanks Lou1234 and Rinske
  • SandyHood
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    Another place near Chichester where you could at least ask if Sussex Training. They might say yes.
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