Deadline for getting Unit 10 signed off under old system?

Siobhan Carmel
Siobhan Carmel Registered Posts: 50 Regular contributor ⭐
Hi Folks

Please could anyone confirm? I now need only Unit 10 to finish. I am working on the old Diploma route, so I know it has to be complete by June this year.

Is the 10th May the final deadline for getting Unit 10 signed off?




  • Lou1234
    Lou1234 Registered Posts: 210 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    You should give your college/provider a call to find out when they need it in by.

    I'm with Premier Training and they needed the first draft to be in my December 2010 to be marked. As you can imagine they are mega busy with everyone sending the projects in and they need time to get them marked and then send to AAT.
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