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I am hoping someone here will be able to help. I completed all of the exams for Technician level NVQ at my local college around 18 months ago. However I never got round to completing the Unit 10 project. I decided it was time to complete this and after having trouble getting hold of anyone at my local college, I signed up to complete the unit with BPP. I told them that I had completed the exams for Technician NVQ and was only needing to complete Unit 10. They advised that it would be best for me to complete this under the new standards and so I signed up for the course they said I needed to do last week. I received my books on Friday and began browsing through the online classroom. It is only now though that I have noticed they have sent me books and enroled me on a course for the new unit 10 (ICAS) as a Level 4 Diploma.

As I have already completed the exams as an NVQ, will I still be able to get my full membership if I complete ICAS as a Diploma? Or have they put me on the wrong course?! If anyone could shed some light on this I would really appreciate it!! :)


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    You will be able to get full membership this way.

    All units have to be completed by June under the 2003 standards. Most Unit 10 projects needed to be started by now to be able to be finished and signed off by June.

    Premier Training needed the first draft to be in by end of December 2010 to give them enough time to mark them.
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    Click on next then it will ask what you have already done. Complete the relevent sections and it will tell you what you need to complete under the new standards.

    Admittedly i already completed it and you only need to complete the ICAS project under the new standards to gain full membership, after submitting the required work experience obviously.
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