AAT Letter of Engagement-HELP

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Hi All.

Just a quick question.

I am employed by a Ltd company offering outsourcing and accounting services to several clients.
My question is - can we issue the AAT template of the Letter of Engagement to our clients? Is this just for use by MIP's or can a Ltd Co offering accountancy services use this too? I am not MIP but I am MAAT though - if it makes a difference?

(I was told by AAT some time ago that as the 'business' is not AAT accredited it is not possible to use AAT logo on our stationery/business cards etc - as it is me that is registered, not the Company??)

Any ideas?


  • deanshepherd
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    The problem is that some of the clauses refer to the AAT so if the company is not an AAT practice they are going to be irrelevant.

    I am sure that you could use AATs version as a base and amend it to suit your own needs.

    Is this 'your' company? Why do you not have MIP status yet?
  • Monsoon
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    My Ltd Co used a modified AAT LoE that suits our particular terms and conditions.

    If it's your company you can use the AAT logo etc in accordance with their rules.

    And as Dean says, if it's your company, you should be a registered MIP.
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