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I've recently acquired VT for my Accounting & Bookkeeping and so far am loving it.
I am currently working on a small charity who has been given a grant which needs to be dealt as restricted funds. I can't seem to see a set of accounts on VT that deal with restricted and non restricted funds as a matter of course. Am i missing something or is there something i should be doing please?


  • Monsoon
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    I've never looked at using VT for charities but I believe there is a charity template. If not, you can get one from a 3rd party I believe.

    If it doesn't have R/ un-R funds on it, you can manually change a workbook:

    VT Final Accounts>Insert>Financial Row

    To use this function, go to the place on the P&L / BS that you want the new line to show, and this function will insert the new row above it, and insert a corresponding field in the TB as well. You then enter numbers in the TB as normal.

    You can also change the name of existing fields.

    This makes VT very customisable indeed.

    Hope that helps :)
  • KaelaH
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    Thank you, I'll give that a go then
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