Credit control part 1 and 2

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Can anyone open my eyes on the above subject please.
Do you take more than 1 exam for this seen as there is a part 1 and 2??
Has anyone done this unit yet???? if so what is it like and what did you think to the exam???


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    There are 2 parts to this Unit:

    Part 1

    27 x multiple choice questions testing everything from contract law through calculating cost of discount to different ways of dealing with unpaid debts.
    This part is a 1 hour Computer Based Test (and I believe you get result back quite quickly)

    Part 2 is very different.

    This assessment is a Computer Based Project which must be completed within 2 hours.

    Here you have to complete a couple of tasks:

    Ratio analysis and making decisions based on the given credit control policy.
    Dealing with unpiad debts and even reworking an aged debtors analysis to reflect changes.

    This assessment is one of only a handful that is completed on a Word document that you must upload back to the e-portfolio 'aat Learnplus' system and your tutor (or another assessor) actually marks it - therefore, in theory, you could get a decision on thsi unit quite quickly depending what your centre is like - these CBP's are supposed to be assessed and reported within 2 weeks but you may not get the results until they have been verified by the centre's internal verifier.

    One word of warning with this 2nd assessment - you need to scroll up and down through the Word document an awful lot so you could miss questions if you're not careful. Also some people have reported issues with time allowances as they feel you need more time than is given for this assessment.

    The way I look at both of these:

    So long as you're well prepared, you shouldn't have too many problems. I can recommend both the Osborne Workbook and BPP Question Bank as a revision tool for this unit - the BPP one has 3 or 4 practice/sample assessments all laid out in the format that you can expect from the live assessment.

    Good luck!
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