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Hi everyone
Need help/advice if possible.

I have recently finished my AAT technician studies and my statement of acheivement has/is being forwarded to the ACCA in order to take advantage of my exemptions. However, i have been emailed this week saying that i can not take ACCA exams in the June sitting as i was not registered with the ACCA before 31st December (which i incidently did not know about the deadline cut off!).
This has obviously put me back 6 months which i really didnt want.
Anyway to cut a long story short does anyone know a way to get round this late registration dilemma with the ACCA so i can sit exams in June or is it possible to take extra level 4 units even though i have already completed AAT level 4?
I dont really want to go for a few months without studying because i will fall out of the groove.
Thanks Wes


  • Kia
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    there is no way round the registration problem you have encountered. If you have not registered before 31/12/10 you can not take exams in June 11.

    You could use the additional time to study more for Dec 11. If you do this get the new exam timetable, not sure if its been published yet, as they are doing a reshuffle of days I believe. Try not to take exams that are the following day, it can be shattering, I did my first 3 back to back and wished I had not. This should at least help to make up some time.

    Not sure about additional level 4 units.

    Other than that have you thought about doing Payroll to fill in the time?

    Hope it helps
  • Rinske
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    As far as I know there is no option to get around the late entry deadline, however, you can always buy the books and study from home in the hope of doing an extra unit or two in the next exam sitting you will attend.

    I'm guessing you could do extra units for the AAT, but this won't give you any more exemptions.
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