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I know that there are a million threads on this subject but just wanted to ask 1 question.

How long do you think it takes to complete unit 10?

I haven't started it yet but was wondering if I would have enough time to complete that and also sit PCR exam in June.

Is it possible or am I just been stupid??


  • linzip1703
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    Hi i have heard people say it can be done in a month or so, depends on how much time you have to work on it.
    I am about to start mine so good luck !!
  • keane155
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    I started mine the last week of December and should be ready to upload my first full draft by tomorrow. It can be done in a month - it just depends on how motivated you are to get it done, some days I can spend all day looking the work and not write anything, then other days I write loads. Good luck.
  • Loz1234
    Loz1234 Registered Posts: 50 Regular contributor ⭐
    I think I may start it beginning of March and aim to have it done by beginning of April.

    Can I just ask are you guys doing a case study or a subject from your current workplace?
  • keane155
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    I'm doing mine on the case study.
  • Becky V
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    I started mine a couple weeks ago but i have set myself to finish it by the end of March. I think if you are determined to get it done you will do it! I have recieved my project plan feedback so now will really work hard on it! Good luck
  • katz568
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    It is definitly possible, its the amount of times it needs to go in for review thats the issue.
    It took me a weekend to do mine on the case study, a whole weekend of absolutely nothing else that is. Luckily i did mine through college so didn't have to send it off and wait for it to be marked as that was where the time comes in.
    Once you get started it just sort of flows.
    Good luck.
  • Miffy3QE
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    AAT Project

    Mine took a while, but just because I did not read the vital mapping document first.
    I did my first submission yesterday, and I think it's virtually complete.
    I used the AAT given scenario, Cookridge Carpets, but should have started with what was ACTUALLY required, rather than just aiming for 4000 words.
    Once I got myself sorted, it took me approx 1 month, tops.
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