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I took my DFS exam on the computer last night and failed because halfway through the computer froze and I couldn't turn the pages backwards or forwards. Apparently this has happened to other people and I can't believe we are being made to take our exams this way before these problems have been ironed out!


  • fatandforty
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    I have just found out that the message on this website telling me I had failed is a mistake too!! I may still have passed but won't find out for ages. I can re-sit free of charge if I want to but they will scrap last nights attempts (which I may have miraculously passed) and if I find out in 4-6 weeks time that I did fail I will then have to pay to re-sit. We were supposed to take this exam 2 months ago but there were too many problems with getting it computerised. The whole thing is just getting beyond a joke now. Like the whole thing isn't hard enough without these added problems!!!!

    Good luck with your results.
  • Rinske
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    First of, take a deep breath and try to relax a little, because you come accross as slightly frustrated and that is not helping you!

    Second, the AAT Statement of Achievements are updated quite often, but a lot of these exams still take six weeks to check, leaving the six weeks in between with different status updates, some have absent and others have other messages. I'm not sure which other status messages they get. Apparently yours is on failed.

    Thirdly and most important, try to decide for yourself, do you want to resit it now and have another go at it and if it doesn't freeze, possibly a better chance passing, or would you rather take your chances and wait six weeks. This is something you got to decide for yourself.

    You might really want to consider about how confident you feel about the exam you have sat, how confident you feel about the subject in general and base it on that.

    Just be aware that the exams have issues, that by the looks of things, haven't been solved yet. As far as I'm aware the AAT facebook page had some updates on this and you might want to follow them there! Sending them an email might help as well, allthough they are quite busy at the moment and replies may take a while.
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