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Hi Guys


Thanks for taking the time to read this....

I am struggling with my options.... I have completed DFS Unit 11 and Business Tax Unit 18. Thats all I have completed, I would really like to finish this course, but i am unsure which route is the best way to do this? I am currently not with a training provider.

I have not done anything on Unit 10 or any Simulations.... Could anyone give me any advice..

Many Thanks



  • Rinske
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    If I read this right, you would still need to complete 1 of the choice units, unit 10 (the project) and PEV and PCR or MAC.

    Normally the route would depend on the work experience you are building up, but if you want to finish on the old standards, either NVQ or diploma route, you would really need to rush those units, as there is only one exam sitting left.

    For the optional units you got a choice between either a skilltest (simulation in auditing/ Cash management & Credit control) or the personal tax exam.

    For the skilltests and unit 10, you will need a provider and most of them got deadlines in May or earlier for those units, just to be able to keep up with everything.

    Are you sure you want to complete all these units in the next 3 months or might it be easier to check if you can do one or two units (which give good exemptions) and swap over to the new standards for the remaining units?
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