Laser eye surgery

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Ive been thinking about this lately.

Anyone had this done or know of anyone had it done.

Would love to hear your views/experiences/comments.

All input greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


  • Samina
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    RE: Laser Surgery


    I had it done 5 years ago. Lasik. The best thing I ever did. Don't need glasses or contact lenses anymore.

    When I wake up in the morning everything is clear from the moment I open my eyes.

    Only downside I have found is that my night vision. The car lights seem alot brighter.

    Hope this helps.

  • BeccaLouJ9
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    I was also thinking of this a while ago. But I decided against it- for the pure reason that if it went wrong I would lose my sight. Big risk- simple as that! I mean it may be the only downside, but it's a pretty big downside! I do know lots of people that have had it done. My boyfriends dad had it done and he can see perfectly well now. So I think it is definately a big decision. I guess i'm just a bit of a baby!

    Good Luck with what you decide!

  • burg
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    I had it done last Feb and it is really great eve though I had a slight problem. The cornea flap which they cut when doing it moved afterwards and caused blurred vision, I therefore had to return the following day and have it corrected.

    Even with that though it really is great. I had only had glasses for around 3-4 years but I'm much happier without them.

  • Nia
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    I had mine done almost 2 years ago.

    I was due to have Lasik but on the day the surgeon decided he needed to use Lasek method instead (told my corneas were too thin for Lasik).

    I didn't have an easy time with it, my eyes became really swollen and I could hardly open them for about 2 weeks. It took at least 6 months for my vision to settle down and I still have trouble with my eyes being dry and still use drops on a daily basis. I have trouble with night time driving.

    Saying this, I am still pleased that I had it done. I was very short sighted (-8 Diopters) and now my sight is almost perfect (have to wear specs for driving, but nothing else) It has given me loads of confidence and I am now doing things that I struggled with before - eg swimming.

    There are risks with all types of surgery, but if you have all the information you need to make an informed decision, then it is down to you. The thing I was most scared of was the surgery itself, but that was a breeze and I would do it over again.

    Good luck making your decision! x
  • JodieR
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    I had it done whilst on holiday in South Africa in Feb last year - much much cheaper which I know shouldn't be the first thing you look at when you're making this decision, but a good friend of mine knew several people who used the surgeon who did mine and all said he was brilliant - which he was! Bless, he even arranged all my appointments around my holiday, couldn't have asked for more.
    I'm also so pleased I had it done although I do get halos around lights at night but this is a small problem compared with the joys of being able to see! I was about -5 in each eye and had been wearing glasses/contacts for over 15 years.
    Go for it!
  • Sparkly
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    I had Laser eye surgery done at an Optimax clinic 5 years ago, its the best money I ever spent! Before the surgery I couldn't even see the eye chart at the opticians, it was a blurry white blob, the next day I could read the second line up from the bottom, it was amazing! I had worn glasses all the time for over 10 years, it took a bit of getting used to not wearing them, for a while I still reached for them first thing in the morning, and when I got out of the shower, it was just habit.

    I agree with the comment about night vision, I have found that car lights seem brighter, but apart from that I couln't fault it!

    I did quite a bit of research before I made the decision to go ahead. I found a laser eye surgery website which was completely independent and basically like a forum for peiople to post about their experiences of the different types of surgery an the different clinics so you got a good variety of info from people who had been treated.

    It is a risk, and a very big decision to make, and everyone is different. If you choose a reputable clinic you will be assessed and checked thoroughly before they agree to go ahead with the procedure.

    My mum had the surgery done a year before me at a private hospital. I decided, after my research, to go mid-price range which is why I chose Optimax, also because of the good feedback I had found too. I don't think cheap is necessarily the best option - your eyesight is precious. Don't be taken in with the adverts on TV saying 'only £350' chances are there are lots of add ons!'.

    I will probably need to wear glasses for reading when I'm older but that's pretty normal for most people these days. The cost of the surgery is a saving on the cost of years of glasses with the extra cost of having the lenses thinned so they fit in nice frames!
  • burg
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    Just thought I would add some more.

    One of the posts reminded me that I suffered from dry eyes for about 6 months. In terms of price I paid £690 for both eyes. My prescription wasn't terrible I could read the one above bottom on the chart without glasses before but now they are better than 20-20.

    Prices vary though according to prescription and conditions. My wife has a twitch and although her prescription is somewhat similar to mine hers will cost around £3000.

    I used Optical Express in Cheltenham and they were very good.

    Do your research and ask about the experience of the surgeon performing the operation as it really has little to do with the clinic and a lot to do with the surgeon.

    Certainly with Optical express if you go to the appointment for your assessment and don't do anything for three months you get a voucher for £300 off. That's what happened to me anyway.

  • Nia
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    Ian, I used Optical Cheltenham as well!!!!

    Mine cost £3,600 for both eyes but I was very short sighted -8/-8.5. I was spending £600 on specs every couple of years, so I was happy to pay the price.
  • LucyJ
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    I had mine done at Optical Express in Milton Keynes 18 months ago. They were brilliant. My eyes were -6.5 each and I had been wearing glasses since I was 5.
    Life is so much easier now, I still get moments when I am amazed at the clarity of my vision! Couldnt recommend them more.
  • LucyJ
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    I cancelled an appointment as I got last minute nerves but when I went back to them to book it, I got it about £300 cheaper too so probably better to play it cool before you book it!
  • anniem
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    Interesting thread!

    My prescription is -14.5 & -14.75 with astigmatism.

    The only contact lenses that fit are manufactured to a maximum -12.00, so I now have to wear glasses to see properly for driving and watching tv, although I tend to put them on a lot more to see clearly generally.

    I'm now having trouble focussing for close-up work like reading.

    Optician said about having surgery, but when I investigated it to join the police 24 years ago I was told that chances were I would end up with 'starburst' (like trying to put a broken mirror back together and get a decent image), so I didn't pursue it and was consequently frightened.

    I'm struggling more at the moment and have thought about going to see the Dr, because I know my prescription is so bad I wondered if it was something they do on the NHS?

    It's encouraging to hear about the successes people are 'seeing' - ha, a pun! (love it!)

    FMAAT - AAT Licensed Member in Practice - Pewsey, Wiltshire
  • Nia
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    there is another option, for people that are really shortsighted, which if I'd known about at the time would have been more inclined to opt for - it's a lense implant. A colleague of my husband has had it done recently (he was about -12/13 in both eyes) He had perfect vision almost immediately and with none of the potential side effects that you get with the surgery. Maybe something to investigate?
  • JodieR
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    anniem wrote: »
    My prescription is -14.5 & -14.75 with astigmatism.


    wow!! do they not just call it 'blindness' at that level?!
  • anniem
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    JodieR wrote: »
    wow!! do they not just call it 'blindness' at that level?!

    Why thank you Ma'am!

    Nope, I'm not blind, but I do have to ask the other half what time it is in the morning. I can't see the clock and normally can't be bothered to stick one arm out from under the duvet to fumble around for the specs so I can see the alarm clock! He has a habit of telling me 'it's half past' - OK 'half past what???'

    He also has a habit of asking if we qualify for dog food every time I come back from the optician!!! :lol:
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  • oakley
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    i am another that has had it done at optical express in Oxford, my wife had hers by the same surgeon in Southampton and my sister in law in Milton Keynes, all of us are so pleased with the results, the whole process was pretty good although on the day it was like a factory with people being lasered every fifteen to twenty minutes, good aftercare and would recomend to anyone :-)
  • accounts123x
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    Thank you..

    for all the it serious consideration.
  • coojee
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    I've a friend who had it done and has had a horrible time. There were complications after the first op which led to cataracts. Then when they operated on the cataracts her eyeball collapsed and she's ended up with worse vision than before she started. She's now got a cataract on the other eye which will need operating on and there's a risk that that eyeball will collapse as well.

    It's the same as any other op though, there will always be at least one horror story. There seem to be enough satisfied customers here to show that it's about 99% effective.
  • taskey
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    i have had the appointment at optical express and they seemed really professional.

    i was quoted £2750 for both eyes as i am -7 in one and -.25 in the other.

    still thinking about it but as i live in germany it might prove difficult. they do it here also, but i do think i would rather have it done by someone who speaks english :)

  • Rinske
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    If I were you I would check in Germany as well! Just to see what they offer on aftercare and price compared to the UK.
  • Leah123
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    Just seen this thread, I had LASEK done in sept 2008, had a bad time after as totally blurred for approx 2 weeks (big gamble to even walk kids to school as really could not see!) alot of this was due to the bandaid contacts you have to wear after the lasek procedure. I had mine done with Ultralase in Maidstone kent and they were brill, but be aware that I had to go there everydau for about 3/4 days and then once a week, once a fortnight finally once a month til my eyes healed (which wasn't til May 2010 that I was discharged!!)
    Anyway, I had to wear glasses all the time but not reading glasses, I noticed pretty much straightaway that my reading vision had altered (they did warn me of this).
    Really pleased I had it done, although I would not have lasek done again just because of the healing time for me personally and having to get driven 45mins everyday to have check up was such a bind!
    I had an eye test last month and one of my eyes has started to become short sighted again (I can feel the difference between my eyes which is why I went for a test) this has concerned me as it was only 2.5 years ao I had it done :(

    Sorry for a long post, but overall I am glad I went and had it done, I was so scared!!
  • Yazi
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    Try looking at - Lasik at home - website.


    ps....four easy steps but....dont blink....
  • anniem
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    Refractive lens exchange - cataract operation!

    Well, a few weeks after this thread started I broke my spex! So started thinking about it much more seriously - £400 to replace broken spex + contact lenses + reading spex to wear with contact lenses.

    Went to Optical Express at Bristol on Friday and because of really horrid prescription (R: -14.75 & L: -15.25) I can't have lasik/lasek but they can do Intraoccular lens, which is taking out the lens in your eye that gets a cataract and replacing it with a multifocal lens. The lens is only the size of a sequin, I was amazed at how small it is!

    The first quote they gave me was £5,990, but by the time I reached the next person to discuss it further it was reduced to £5,000.

    I've listened to everything they have to say; I'll never get cataracts because that lens has gone, I won't need glasses for the rest of my life and they will correct any small discrepancies, which may result during the healing process, free of charge by laser in the 12 months aftercare post operation.

    I'm now booked in for my left eye on 1 June and right eye on 8 June! (Now just trying to juggle my pennies to pay for it all!!!)

    FMAAT - AAT Licensed Member in Practice - Pewsey, Wiltshire
  • Rinske
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    Wow, big decision made there.

    Good luck and I hope it all goes well!
  • anniem
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    Rinske wrote: »
    Wow, big decision made there.

    Good luck and I hope it all goes well!

    Thank you Rinske!

    Eye hope it all goes well two!!!!!!
    FMAAT - AAT Licensed Member in Practice - Pewsey, Wiltshire
  • LucyJ
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    Having my eyes lasered was the best money I have spent - it's amazing and worth every penny.

    Best of luck.
  • zara5034
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    Wow what an interesting thread.

    Everyone on here seems to be short sighted though, I am +7.5 in each eye with astigmatism, what hope is there for me?

    I was quite put off by the whole thing as my uncle had endless problems after having it done, it is , however, reassuring to hear so many success stories on here!
  • Monsoon
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    Anna, very pleased to hear you're taking the plunge! Best of luck with it :)
  • anniem
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    Well - my advice to anybody reading (or even able to SEE) this thread ..............................

    If you are considering eye surgery of any description, stick to Moorfields Eye Hospital and Consultants/Surgeons based there.

    I was so excited about my treatment and really looking forward to being able to see properly that I didn't take enough time to explore other options; other than those being pushed in my face by sales people.

    I had surgery implanting a prescription lens in my left eye on Wednesday 6th July at Bristol Optical Express and thought I was OK for about the first three days, although there were some things that were troubling me, bu nobody called me back to go through the problems after surgery.

    By Monday 11th, I woke up and was really struggling to see, by 5pm I was on the train to Bristol, but I was re-directed to London Moorfields Eye Hospital, and was admitted into Hospital at 9pm, as an emergency with the most horrendous eye infection.

    I was put on half hourly eye drops day and night (which in itself is completely and utterly knackering!) A combination of 4 different drops, some of which felt like neat acid being poured in, together with 3 different sorts of painkillers, 750mg antibiotic bullets, and steriods.

    For the first four days I struggled to eat, I felt so nauseous and my eye just looked like something from a horror movie. (It still does)

    On Thursday 14th my NEW lens was removed; to allow the antibiotics to get in behind the lens and clear the infection. My surgeon also removed as much puss as he could and the fibrins that had developed. The lens was completely covered in bacteria and is now sitting in a laboratory somewhere.

    I was finally released from Hospital on Monday 18th, having spent the entire week on half hourly eye drops. I lost half a stone (which I don't miss) and have no sight in my left eye (which I do miss).

    Although I am legal to drive I don't feel safe, as I currently have no depth perception.

    Yesterday I went back to Moorfields and the surgeon can now see my retina, which had been impossible due to the infection.

    At the moment I'm not sure if there is any permanent damage to my sight. The pressure did go down to zero (it's supposed to be between 10-20), but as far as they can tell there aren't any folds/damage to my retina.

    I'm currently blind/very foggy sighted in my left eye and this can't be fixed with another lens implant until about October, as it is going to take about 3 months to heal.

    I am still on a combination of half hourly eye drops, codeine and steriods, unable to drive and struggling to focus.

    Oh, and to boot, the hip that was due to be replaced the week after next is also on hold as I am at very high risk of a retinal haemorrage and permanent blindness if surgery is done.

    Hey ho ....... thank god for PAINKILLERS ....... my son now thinks I'm a druggie :lol:

    I know many of you are my friends through fb and I wanted to say thank you to all who have sent me best wishes and cards. Fb doesn't give you enough space on a status to tell you what has happened, hence this post.

    Please, if you are considering eye surgery, don't let this put you off, but just be aware that things can and do sometimes go wrong. Hopefully I am the exception not the rule, but do go in with your EYES WIDE OPEN!

    Anna XX
    FMAAT - AAT Licensed Member in Practice - Pewsey, Wiltshire
  • Rinske
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    I am so sorry to read this! I really was hoping you would have a neat and easy experience.

    I really hope you can see again properly soon and this can be fixed. Hopefully at the same time, you can get your hip replaced in a reasonable time frame and this doesn't stop you from reaching your goals.

    I think you got my number, if you feel the urge for a chat. I am not on facebook and had no clue, but really hope you will be ok again soon.

    To miss the sight in one eye is a horrible experience and I do hope you will get it back properly soon or even if it was just back to the level from before your surgery!

    All the best and I really hope this gets sorted and hopefully you will feel better soon!
  • jenny3549
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    Gosh Anna, that sounds absolutely horrible!

    Really hope you feel better soon.

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