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Im struggling on doing Unit 10, I absolutely detest report writing, never been any good at it. Currently up to 1961 words but really struggling now.

I have based my report on the payroll section. Im doing the case study and looking at internal controls and procedures. Am I completely stupid, cos I cant seem to find any controls or procedures in place?


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    I'm doing Unit 10 too and it is a pain in the neck.
    Speaking from experience here having worked in payroll in the past - Have you thought about the following -

    Who inputs the payroll?
    Are adjustments entered in a particular format or order? eg Do you enter tax code changes for the payroll first? then do you add other deductions eg Union membership?
    then do you add overtime payments?
    Who checks the inputters(!) work?
    Are there controls in place to check that people who are being paid actually exist?
    Is there a cut off time? Is it adhered to?
    Who has overall responsibility for signing off the payroll?
    Who pays the taxman all the NI and tax deductions? Are they correct?

    These are all items that would be considered as controls or procedures - Does that help?

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    Thats a great help thanks Swampy. Last night I emailed my tutor and told him Im so thick I cant do it. He had a quick look at what I have done so far, told me Im definitely on the right tracks, only completed just over 2000 words. He told me to get it uploaded onto the AAT website by the 25th Feb and not to worry about it not being completed, he will go through it with me when we return to college a week on Thursday. I have a long weekend coming up and for once I am not going to think about projects as it has taken over my life the last few weeks and Im mega stressed. xx
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