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Has anyone ever heard of a VAT number taking 18 months to obtain?

Have just been told that as the company had not received a VAT number they gave invoices with no VAT but when they get a number will back date the VAT.

If you claim VAT off invoices with VAT figures but no number is this fraud?

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  • T.C.T.C. Experienced Mentor Posts: 1,448Registered, Tutor
    You can't claim VAT back until you are registered, but you can reclaim it later (once you have a registration certificate). They can take a while if the industry is an odd one - I had one which involved imports - not sure what happens with this but they have to check that it is "all legal" first. Worth a telephone call to check though!
    And a VAT invoice should always show a VAT number - if not it is not a VAT invoice and the VAT can't be reclaimed.
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    The comany is a security company and are now claiming that as they have a VAT number they can charge the VAT on all invoices previously sent out.

    This could amount to several thousand pounds. Even though we can reclaim it could take several returns.

    Is there a time limit as to when they can charge VAT back.
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    They should have already uplifted their prices by the VAT proportion when they applied for registration. Then they can issue VAT invoices for those since the effective date of registration (which would result on no loss of cash flow for you but would allow you to reclaim the VAT).

    If you think they are pulling a fast one then ask to see their VAT certificate which has the effective date of registration on.

    There's a really good section on this on the businesss link website.

    It might be worth offering to pay them as soon as the reclaim comes in from HMRC, if it is going to cause cash flow problems (and as long as you aren't on cash accounting).
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    Is there a time limit as to when they can charge VAT back.
    Yes. I can't remember what it is, but I had a client in this situation. Their customer was one of the big 4 I believe, and flat out refused to pay the "VAT extra" invoices because it was past the statutory time limit. Or at least, that was their excuse! This was about 6 years ago...

    For some reason I have a figure of 6 months in my head.
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