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I am 23 years old and over the past five years I have accumulated bad debt due to family circumstances (£2000 to £3000) and I have moved away from my family. I currently am working to pay off my debts and dont know exactly if I have any CCJS :S but I know im not bankrupt (saving up money to pay them off all in one go than monthly installments, dont have any negotiations with creditors at the moment). I am really eager to get a qualification as an AAT member so I can get a good career and move on with my life.

My questions are will I not be accepted as a AAT member and not being able to do a FAST Track course in AAT due to my bad credit history? Also should I pay off all my debts will the debts stay on record and also affect my application? And Lastly, if I apply now and get declined will I not be able to apply again and If I can, how long do I have to wait so I can apply?

Thank You.
Waiting for the answer, eagerly.


  • Monsoon
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    You need to speak to the AAT and be 100% open about your circumstances and they will make a judgement.

    If you can demonstrate that the debt didn't arise due to your carelessness and that there were extenuating circumstances, then this shouldn't affect your membership.

    You really do need to speak direct to AAT about it as they will have the exact answers you need.

    Good luck with it all :)
  • PGM
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    I think AAT will be fine about it, CCJ's aren't the end of the world!
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