Dysfunctional HMRC - Rant

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Sadly a client I'd dealt with over many years passed away in October last year. As I'd been doing from the start of online filing, his 2010 SA returns was submitted in January, and a refund is due.

Seeing he's disappeared from my online client list, I phoned the agent helpline for clarification, only to be told they have never held my authorisation. That's despite the fact that they confirmed I'm still authorised for his business partner and executor, although the partnership ceased trading in 2003 and I've never dealt with her affairs since then.

To cap it all, they advised completing a 64-8 for her to sign as executor. I asked who's information should be shown on the 64-8 and was told "Sorry - I don't know what this form looks like".

Is HMRC dysfunctional - or is it just me ?


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    We had a client who passed away and the minute they died so did our authorisation. We had to apply for a new one and get the exectuor to sign it (his wife) HMRC did warn us that it would come through in the client's name and there was nothing they could do to stop it.

    Now he's on our client list again so we can do his final return
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    Thanks for the clarification. Pity HMRC don't advise they are withdrawing authorisation.

    I also feel it's rather ridiculous that someone from the agent helpline doesn't know what a 64-8 looks like and what information is to be shown.
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