Unit 15

Hey everyone

Unit 15 skills test coming up soon. Still not 100% sure about factoring - I get the basics of it but in terms of actually calculating things e.g the effect on cashflow and effect on annual profit, I'm stuck. I don't see anything in the Osborne book that explains calculations. Can anyone help me out here or let me know where I can find out further info? I googled it but didn't have much joy


  • BeccaLouJ9
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    This may help


    Maybe... sorry just did a quick search, so could be wrong.. Blobbyh's response is really good though

    Good Luck with your Skills Test, I did mine last month- Not my fav so far!!

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    Hey BeccaLou

    Ta for replying quickly. Yeh I saw that thread. I don't think it will help me out with calculations but I'll look at it more in depth after work and see how I get on. Did you have a factoring q in your skills test? It's not my fav unit so far either - it's yucky!
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    No I didn't, To tell you the truth I don't really know anything about Factoring and don't even remember the topic! Oops! But no it didn't get it in the test, which was lucky!

    Although I did get a Q I don't think was even covered in my BPP book! Oh Well, done now!

    Sorry the link isn't quite what you're looking for!

    Good Luck

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