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Dear MIP's,

I have been self employed for a number of years with a very small client base of mainly sole traders and a payroll bureau as 60% of my time was taken up with one client for which I did a variety of work in addition to accounting. This situation has now changed and I am looking to build up my client base. My company account skills are very much on the rusty side (very used to producing co accounts format as I produce management accounts for a property management company as I own one of the flates but this is exempt from tax) and I would like to include this in my licence as I have already had a number of enquiries from small ltd cos.

Amongst the myriad of websites, courses, blogs, books and forums can anyone give me some feedback on learning tools they have used and what has been the most helpfull. At this point in time I do not feel confident enough to extend my licence to offer this service without a thorough brush up of my skills first and then I can look to include this in the future ?


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    I wanted to include business tax on my licence when I applied but dont have enough work experience (I only did personal tax unit) so phoned AAT and they said to take the business tax exam as a starting point, Im going to do that in June hopefully and there is an exemption on ATT which I hope to start soon.
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    Thanks - I am toying with the idea of doing the ATT - although as always its the funding of it! Fingers crossed for you for June
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