Supply Teacher expenses

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A friend of mine is a supply teacher.

An umbrella company has been encouraging expenses claims against salary.

These expenses include ; travel from home mileage, breakfast and lunch ( b & l are at a fixed rate 5 and £10 per day I think.)

I dont believe b&l are legitimate claims - b - not leaving early enough in the morning (i.e <6am) l - not incurring the expense (i.e £10 not actually being spent on lunch).

From Home Mileage(FHM). Finding this a bit of a challenge. Is supply teaching considered temp place of work? HMRC quote the case of Warner v Prior to support FHM not allowed. However as far as I can see WvP addresses the issue of home constituting workplace and not school being temp workplace.

Work at a temp workplace = FHM allowable.

Does supply teaching at different schools constitute temp workplace??

Any input greatly appreciated.
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