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Please I need help with regards to capital allowance. Am I right in thinking that Vans purchased under Hire purchase agreement qualifies for Capital Allowance(I.e 25% charge).

Thanks in advance for your help


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    Sort of. They qualify for capital allowances at 20% or Annual Investment Allowance at 100%. Check out HMRC website for more information on AIA and capital allowances.
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    Capital Allowances

    Just to offer further guidance from my own research for work

    Capital Allowances

    P & M WDA FYA
    06/04/2007 25% 50%
    06/04/2008 50000 20% 0%
    06/04/2009 20% 40%
    06/04/2010 100000 20% 0%

    The P & M was for Plant and Machinery, but the amounts are the AIA. The other two columns apply generally but please check as bit fuzzy on reading back after a long day
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