Indirect Tax

Which Finance Act are the AAT currently assessing on.

I have conflicting information as Osborne Books are giving one registrattion figure from Finance Act 2010, Kaplan are giving another with the 'Help' notes in the practice assessment stating (indirectly) that they are assessing on Finance Act 2009.

E.g. AAT/Kaplan state one registration figure and Osborne stating another.

Some clarification would be good (I have actually emailed AAT with no response from them yet).


  • Nia
    Nia Registered Posts: 72 ? ? ?
    When I did this exam, back in January, it was based on Finance Act 2009. We used Kaplan books and it does mention FA'09 on the cover.
  • welshwizard
    welshwizard Registered Posts: 465
    Thanks :)
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