Moved onto ACCA without finishing AAT

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Hi Guys,

I have a strange question for you. I moved onto ACCA after completing all of the AAT exams, but not completing unit 10 or the intermediate simulations. I'm now halfway through ACCA, but having considered the work I did on AAT, would like to complete it.

I'm about to write a letter to AAT to ask the above, but does anyone know whether I'd be given exemptions from unit 10 and the intermediate simulations, if I've passed F1-F8 of ACCA, or has anyone been in the same situation as me?



  • coojee
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    They only give exemption to all levels if you're a full member of ACCA. You may be able to get exemptions for Intermediate level and thereby just do Unit 10 (and Unit 22 if you haven't already done it, assuming you were NVQ).

    Best to just give them a ring and ask them
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