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Would be grateful if anyone can help me out. Have been invited for an interview for a part time trainee assistant accountant post. I am over the moon as its an exceptionally good opportunity for me. However I will be asked to complete an assessment based on a role of an accountant in practice. This is my problem I have no practice experience and at the moment I am entering panic mode! I have been googling various searches to find out more information on what may be included to no avail. Can anyone please advise me on which subjects from my AAT studies would be useful to revise to help me make a good impression on the assessment. Thank you


  • Lee
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    This is competence based interview. I had a similar situation in January wherein I was asked about how to account for input VAT, general VAT return, accruals, prepayments and depreciation(types of depreciation). all that stuff we learn on drafting financial statements. Also you may need to explain how you plan your day/week/month and adhoc duties- prioritisation of your tasks.

    You will be ok. Just remember your double entry system just in case they give you a situational question.
  • Bracken
    Bracken Registered Posts: 11 Regular contributor ⭐ 😼 ⭐
    Thanks Lee I was thinking its going to be that sort of thing, basically my aat level 3 subjects. I work as bookkeeper for sole trader so am ppretty much happy with the basics going to refresh my memory on stuff i dont do day to day and hope for the best. Many thanks for taking the time to reply.
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