Cba not working

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Hi There

I don't know about any of you but I'm fed up with the CBA not working we did an exam in January and the software couldn't add up the boxes so the net profit was out by a big number. The changes in equity couldn't add up and the balance sheet would never balance.

We had to take the time out to write it on paper. Bearing in mind that the that we only had 2 1/2 hours because it was a CBA.

We how have 2 out of 18 pass this exam and AAT said they didn't have a problem with the software. We have to pay for the resits ourselves.

I have sent an email the day after the exam and still no reply. (5 weeks ago).


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    cba not working

    we had 4 out of 15 pass in January - one girl's cba software froze for 40 minutes, mine froze for 10 minutes so I couldn't complete the paper or go back and check my answers our balances would add up either - it's a joke really isn't. We had one teacher insert the aat's suggested answers into the intermediate exam and guess what - yep that's right he failed lol! My employer is considering scraping sending it's staff for aat and picking another qualification based on what has happened with the cba - they have no confidence in the AAT.
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    Here in Plymouth, taking the CBA at the training centre I attend, was a nightmare. Out of 8 of us, 6 had problems, lost work, exams froze and more. Bet AAT won't think anything of it though.
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    It is really important that the AAT get this feedback from you directly on this. Thugh teething problems were to be expected with the CBAs, they do seem really bad, and the AAT have to hear what hs happened. I don't need to tell you that you've paid good money to study this and they need to know if you are not getting your money's worth!

    Good luck, I hope those of you who didn't pass get decent conditions to resit. Studying is hard enough without having to deal with these issues as well.
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    I had problem with 4 of my cba's at level 3. Constant freezing and delays on input - made me totally stressed out. I passed them all and it seemed no-one was interested in the problems after I had got result. I am dreading taking level 4 now cos of same problems.
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