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Hi folks

I have a client who is struggling to do basic book-keeping. He's predominantly a cash based business and there is nothing complicated about his set up what so ever. As much as I've tried, I'm struggling to help him, so was hoping a more structured approach may help him see the light.

Does anyone know of any basic bookkeeping courses that he can work his way through?



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    What about the local adult education centre - anything there?
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    On the one hand, it's good that he is wanting to try and do his own books.
    However, some people just aren't wired that way - same reason I wouldn't even attempt to even change the oil in my car.
    Might it be a better use of his time and money to pay someone to do the books?

    Just a thought :)
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    Just looked at the adult learning centre - that's an excellent idea and I've identified a course that will help already. I didn't even know they existed! Thank you.

    Well, for this particular client, I do his monthly book-keeping, but as he's a cash based business, I need him to keep a cash reconciliation. As a summarised account, in the beginning I just took his sales, his receipts, details of what he'd taken in cash for personal items etc and the difference should be his cash in hand. It wasn't even close. He has no idea what else he would've spent it on. So I knocked up a spreadsheet that he fills in every other day (supposed to be every day until he gets it right), but even with the spreadsheet, he frequently has differences and has no idea what they are or why they've come about.
    I'm just trying to find a way to get it to 'click' for him so he understands what's going on and can keep track of his cash. I fear I'm fighting a loosing battle.
    Don't get me wrong, I can take a simplistic approach and put positive differences to drawings, but on a personal level I don't think he can really progress in his business / life without getting to grips with the basics.
    Would appreciate any more thoughts!
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    I heard the Frank wood bookkeeping books were good for study?
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    Sounds to me like he'd be happier with a small book and a pen in his pocket. Have you thought about keeping it that simple for him?

    Five columns down the page. Date. Description. In. Out. Total.

    What is says in total should equal what he has in his pocket. Simples.

    Like Jenni says, people are wired differently! I live with 2 dyslexics and know just how difficult some things can be for people who struggle with everyday stuff.
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    Think you're right Anniem. Something simple as a book in his pocket would do the trick.
    Thanks guys,
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    Your client sounds very much like a friend of mine who had me trying to help him out. He was in the restaurant/pub business. The chain who he had the business through arragned for an accountant to do the monthly accounts, but my friend was required to keep records of the day to day cash accounts. I spent a number of hours trynig to update his records so that they were ready for the accountants, and also trying to come up with a simple system for him to keep up to date on a day to day basis. He just couldn't get it and take it on board that things needed to balance and be accounted for. I think part of the problem lay in dipping into the till to pay casual staff and not accounting correctly for it.
    I stopped trying to help out after the accountant called me up complaining how things were being done and blaming me for how the records were being kept. I'd given my time for free to try and help and only got grief in the process, I too was fighting a losing battle so the battle is now the responsibility of someone who gets paid to deal with it!
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