Sage Accounts clearing data

jaynepowis Registered Posts: 4 New contributor 🐸
Can anyone help me I seem to have deleted chart of account can anyone help with the below questions please
1) How do I clear all the data and start a fresh?
2) Can I uninstall and re install? If so will I be able to re register Sage?
3) Can I maybe just use the Open practice data but will this work for my exam which I need to do very soon.

Any sugestions would be greatlyy appreciated.

Jayne :_)


  • mariamcd020
    mariamcd020 Registered Posts: 36 Regular contributor ⭐

    to clear data you need to go to maintenance and rebuild data... here you can wipe all transactions or simple transactions and keep the customer / supplier records
  • jaynepowis
    jaynepowis Registered Posts: 4 New contributor 🐸

    Hi thank you for this it appears to have worked althopugh the company is still set up.
    I am getting myself in to a bit of a stress. Can anyone help when I do the sage simulation do I just need to rebuild and then change the Company details to match the simulation ie one of the test papers is Ripley manufacturing change the company to match this?
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