Nessasary to keep primary docs like till prints?

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Hi Guys wondering if you can help

I work for a pharmacy company that has 7 branches

At the end of each week the branches post through reports to show takings for each day, the VAT breakdown, expenses deducted and actual cash banked. They also send through every merchant copy till print (both cards and cash).

My question is; is it nessasary for them to send through every till print for me to file?? I get the a4 reports which are fine but also a huge wedge of small till prints for every transaction. They are so much hassle to file and take up lots of space.

I understand for auditing purposes they may well need to be looked at but the till does save them so really I could just go back and print them another time if they were ever needed.

Any advice?




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    I would just take what you need and get them to file the other stuff back 'at base.'

    I have a retailler for whom I do bookkeeping and they keep their own till printouts stapled to the diary for each day. I just take the bankings and work from there; they bank everything so it's all picked up.

    Regarding the till saving them - I would only rely on this if it is securely backed up. Nothing wrong with storing things electronically but only if it's backed up robustly.
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    Ok thats really helpfull thanks

    They run a daily backup to usb memory stick every night so I would imagine the whole till including all sales records are backed up.

    I think I will just get them to throw away the merchant copy prints and rely on the till memory in future. When I say till its a windows xp base unit pc adapted to be used as a till so should be pretty robust.

    Thanks again
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