Wrong Exam!!

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Haha makes me feel a little better to know that I took the wrong exam, for what I was studying at home, so the fail wasn't entirely my fault!

However, also makes me feel like an idiot for not noticing!!

Cash Management on new syllabus and Cash Management and Credit Control on old syllabus are not the same!! haha :) Oh well- time to sit the right one me thinks!



  • jilt
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    :ohmy: Well good on you for being positive about it! So if it's not the old cash management and credit control, what was it in its former life?

    Good luck next time Becca
  • BeccaLouJ9
    BeccaLouJ9 FMAAT Posts: 896 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    Thanks! :) Well I am completely confused by this whole change-over thing!!

    I did Skills test for CMCC Unit 15(old)- but the one I was revising was Cash Management(new). Which apparently is alot different! There were alot of things I didn't know and thought 'hang on I don't remember this in the book..', but I just thought I was rubbish at revising!!

    I think it must just be half of the original one.. ie just the CM bit.. which makes sense as I got those Q's right in the test! Yay!! haha

    Oh well, Next time I will know!

  • coojee
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    Which one were you meant to be doing? Old or new standards? Why didn't your provider give the right information and books?
  • BeccaLouJ9
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    It was my fault, We ordered the books one week and then the skills test was ordered by someone else another week! Just a break down in communication really! No one to blame!

    I am doing it on the new standards.

    It is BPP- It wasn't their fault, but you'd have thought they'd have seen the 2 conflicting pieces and warned us that they weren't for the same thing!

    Nevermind! :)

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