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I have three clients. I currently use Sage instant payroll for the directors wages which is fine as this has ten users on it. The problem is now I need to create a payroll system for client no 2 for about three employees. I cannot use the sage instant payroll software I have because it is licensed to client 1.

What would you suggest buy another payroll software for client no 2. I have no problem with this but will I be able to run two software packages on the pc for two different clients. I have a spare hard drive maybe i could sage one of the softwares to this. Any suggestions out there.

Is there a better way of doing this. Any suggestions would be good.


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    Get 12Pay instead. Unlimited clients, £100 for a bureau licence per year. Job done.

    Or Moneysoft, lots of people rave about it.

    Don't be tied to Sages inflexible licensing structure :)

    Its only multiple instances of Sage that I believe won't run on the same system (though if you install them in different directories and have only one instance running at once you can do it, but I think this would be more expensive to do).
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    Thanks for the advice. My first client already had Sage Instant Payroll and gave me this to use. I have purchased a brand new Sage instant payroll from e-bay. It only cost me £40 so not bad. I would love to use another software but all my accounting is done in Sage Client Manager 50 where I can run up to five companies on. I usually post the payroll into this so it does work well.

    I think I will take your advise and run this in a different drive. Thanks for the advice I wish I had considered using another accounting package when I started practising as I now feel tied to sage.
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