New Osborne books for sale

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Hi All,
I am selling new Osborn books(AAT Diploma Pathway) which are listed below.I have got them from Premier training company but left course because of personal reason. I will sell each book for £5 if you would like to pick them up or I can send them by post for extra charge. Please contact me via email
[email protected]

Idially,I would prefer if someone will purchase the whole lot!! Thank you

Introductory Accounting:
Tutorial Unit 30
Workbook Unit 30

Accounting Work Skills:
Workbook Unit 31
Tutorial Unit31

Instant Accounts Self study course:
Work book one-Installing and configuring Sage Instant Accounts
Work book two-Working with day-to-day transactions
Workbook three-Dealing with security,corrections and housekeeping
Workbook Four-Controlling your stock,producing quatations and product invoices.
Workbook Five-Managing your company's credit control
Workbook Six-Running period end routines and management reporting.

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