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Taking Exams at different Colleges

AmyRichardsonAmyRichardson Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 89
Hi all

I have recently moved colleges from kaplan to BPP

The centre number i am registered with AAT is Kaplan, because I just need to upload my project and re take FNST in april.

However I have an exam with BPP 25th march for budgeting

will this effect my results?



  • piratepirate Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 469
    Don't see why really
    I am with Premier but they are based up north so I do my exams at a local college and have also done them in London School of Accounting.
    when you book the exam you have to provide your AAT membership number so AAT will have a record of the exam and the results under your membership numbers

    To be sure give the AAT a ring and just check but I cant really see it being a problem

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