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Hi all,

I am currently studying level 4 and have been working for an accountancy practice for 3 years which I have to say I increasingly finding the job dull.

I am thinking about my options for when (i hopefully) pass level 4. What I would like to do is work part time as an accounts assistant in industry and the rest of the time work self employed offering payroll and do self assessment returns.

However I do not have actual work experience in the above subjects but I learnt personal tax obviously at level 4 and found it fairly straightforward, and I will hopefully soon be sage payroll certified.

If I wanted to apply to be a member in practice would I definitly need work experience in the services I want to offer? Or would the above be enough?

Thanks, sorry for the long question!


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    The AAT will require you to have work experience in the areas you wish to practice so just having done the units wont be enough. I wouldnt judge what its like to complete self assessment returns for clients from doing the tax units because in real life its much harder.

    I would almost go as far as saying the tax units are a bit of a "beginners guide to" tax and cover the basics and in real life things are never as simple as in the books.

    Also you dont say if you have studied business tax as knowledge of this would also be essential

    If this is what you want to do in the future you will probably have to stay in practise until you have atleast a few years working in tax.
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