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my hubby is considering setting up a design company called bigg innovations for graphics and websites as it's more what he always wanted to do rather than what he ended up doing. when he gets customers, what things should i bear in mind if it takes off?
i want to make sure he thinks of everything


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    Register on www.ukbusinessforums.co.uk; invaluable source of help and advice. :)
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    A few things (don't want to give all my secrets away)

    Written contracts specifying what your going to deliver and by when, the price and payment schedule and stuff like copyright. I learned that one the hard way.

    In any project make sure there's milestones that the client has to sign off. On all but the very smallest projects I do an initial project spec (including things like nature of the site, outline requirements etc), initial design proposal(s), final design and final product. The aim is to minimise getting a long way into the project and have the client say 'that's not what I want' and have lots of wasted work.

    Don't expect to get rich!

    As for what he should do if it takes off, if my business ever does I'll get back to you.
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    Thanks CJC, good things to keep in mind to keep life simple. hopefully he'll get a bit of interest once he's finished his website. it's not going to be a life changing thing, it's just what he wanted to do in the first place
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