Incorporation - Sage?

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Hello everyone,

Can anyone help with this? I'm no expert on Sage, never came across this before. One of my clients has a year end 31 March, I've just incorporated her business. So from 1 April she will be a ltd co. She is already using Sage Instant and does her own book-keeping, but I'm wondering if anyone has any advice about changing over to a ltd co. For a start, will she need to use a new copy of Sage? Or is it possible to change co. details for the new financial year and start it as a ltd co? I think it's quite an old version of Sage, unfortunately.

Any help welcome...




  • cobbles
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    You need to write to sage email or post with a copy of the certificate of incorporation Sage will then transfer the license to the 'Ltd' company, I would recommend your client use's VT Transaction from 1st April the licence is not only cheaper compared to sage but also easy to use also you might need to bear in mind as Instant is a old package with sage they may offer no support unless they upgrade.
  • Hollysan
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    Cobbles, thanks for the reply. The subject of upgrading has been discussed, so I will bring it up again when we next talk.

    Thanks again.

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