Management accounting

Paul C
Paul C Registered Posts: 193 Dedicated contributor 🦉
My main trade is management accounting which I have always done on an employed basis & really enjoy - especially the interaction with service or business managers.

Have any of you found much of a demand for this service on a MIP basis? I am wondering whether its worth looking into as a service I offer......


  • slackda
    slackda Registered Posts: 460 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    Not personally found much of demand for it yet, but i still offer it.

    i would say generally alot of non accountancy folk are unable to tell you the difference between accounts and management accounts
  • Monsoon
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    I do a little, but in general there is not much call for it. It ought to be essential for Ltd Cos as how else can they declare dividends in year and avoid DLA problems?
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