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Hi All,
I am considering jacking in the 9-5 and starting my own bookkeeping business. I have tried to calculate back from estimated expense to what I think I would need as a minimum wage. However, as this is just made up figures, can anyone advise me what an expected rate would be?
I aim to start off small (Bookkeeping, cash forecasting, TB etc, with the idea to move on to year end and tax), but still need to exist.

Any tips??

Thanks in Advance.


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    Depending on experience and location, bookkeeping rates anywhere between £10 and 25 per hour.

    Accountancy and tax, in my opinion, should be considerably more but i know plenty of MIPs will charge the same rate across the board.

    Don't fall into the trap of charging really low to get clients as then word of mouth will spread and you will be stuck charging peanuts; set a reasonable rate from the outset. It's harder to raise your prices for existing clients once you've got them than it is to quote a rate at the outset.

    Good luck!
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