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I've been approached by a client, that I've been doing bookkeeping for, to take over his self assessment. Up until now he has had a bookkeeper to produce his records then send them to his firm of Accountants. When I took over as his bookkeeper in January he was 2 years behind and had lost his bookkeeper when she moved away.
This is the first time I've taken someone on from an active relationship with another accountant, and I feel kind of bad because I had a lot of contact with them in Jan when they were doing last SA. However, the query I have is that I know i need to send a letter for professional clearance but do I need to get my client to send them a letter of resignation first so that they are prepared??


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    The outgoing accountant cannot release any information to you, a third party, without the clients consent, lest he breach data protection. Therefore it is necessary (and also polite) for the cient to put his wishes in writing and give consent for them to give you the professional clearance you need.

    Congrats on the client and don't feel bad; it's business :)
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    Thanks Monsoon, exactly what I needed!
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