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I keep failing my accounts prep 1 three times now. Passed all my others no problem even accounts prep 2. But I can't get passed this but don't know where I'm going wrong. Why will the AAT not give feedback. I'm just going around in one big circle. I think my weakness is accruals and prepayments. I just don't know so confused. Should i just call it a day!!! for god sake I'm 47 years old. Sorry I'm having a moan.


  • Jay1981
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    Hey whinpin.

    You definitely should NOT quit, the fact that you have passed all the other cba's shows you have the ability. Accruals and Pre-payments are difficult to get your head around now they've changed to the "balance carried down" method. There really isn't any other advice than study, study and study. Ask for more examples, questions, anything. You will get there. Have faith.
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    I like spreadsheets for getting your head around there. Set up some T accounts and play with some questions and made up figure.

    Are you doing distance learning? You can always post questions here, that you're struggling with.
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    That is so frustrating, have you tried the practice assessment on here? print the answers off, then you can see where you are having problems. There is also another one in the Osborne workbook. I found this section difficult to get my head around, and had to devise a simple plan, that I could write down using T accounts; start with the cash book, and show the money coming in, and going out, then do T accounts for the sales & purchase ledgers, and work out where accruals and prepayments go. Don't give up - I'm several years older than you and hoping to complete level 3 by the summer!
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    Keep going whinpin,

    When in doubt, get the T Accounts out!!!! I'm yet to sit this as only recently started level 3 at 41. As guinea pig said ... try the cbt on here and definately don't give up.

  • whinpin
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    Thank you for all your encoragement. I will be resit it again on the 6th May. I now know where I am going wrong with the help of a very helpful tutor it accruals and prepayments.
    She as shown me the way she learnt and hopefully this will do it. I'll post my results on the page if and when I pass. I've got VAT exam next. Good luck to guinea pig also to sharumba. I attend college two nights week as i work full time in a factory
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