Self employed (not as an accountant)

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Good evening all,

I was just curious:

Is anyone using their AAT qualification to be self employed, but not as an accountant? Say you were really into widgets, and so decided to use your business acumen to start a widget shop, or converted your widget-making hobby into a paying job?

I know we have plenty of members working for commercial companies - I'm one of them - but it occurred to me I can't think of anyone who I know has founded their own business. Is there anything that AAT membership can offer such a person? Other than the obvious knowledge of book-keeping, preparing accounts, etc.

Conversely are there any restrictions on the AAT member-entrepeneur? I'm assuming all the Member-In-Practice regulations wouldn't really apply, as they/we wouldn't be providing accounting or taxation related services.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts and experiences.


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