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I was just wondering if anyone is sitting their exams this May and if so how are you finding the studying?

I am sitting practice admin and Ethics and Personal Tax and am studying through distance learning.




  • jilt
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    Yep am sitting Business Tax Higher Skills, distance learning too. I'm unsure if there's enough time left to take it all in but will give it my best shot. Good luck with those 2, I'll be sitting them in November.... hopefully
  • mc25
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    I was meant to be doing mine in May but, unfortunately I have had to postponed them till Nov, I am doing via distance learning. Still haven't done much revision am hoping to catch up soon
  • MVT
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    Good luck with the business tax exam Jilt, I am leaving that one til last!

    November seems like ages away but i thought that about May exams when I ordered by study books in October....
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