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hi everyone,

my client gets £85/week worth of pension from his old job that he did for 15yrs.
he is a taxi driver and says that he can't show more than £100/week worth of inome or his pension will stop. why is that?
he's brought his lastyr accounts from previous accountantand his income is about £12000 which is £230/week. Net profit though is about £4000 so that would be less than £100/week if we calculate it based on te net profit figure.
im confused then

hope someone can help



  • Monsoon
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    Income should be profit, not turnover.

    Not sure why the pension will stop but presumably thats one of the conditions attached to the pensions? Ive not heard of it before but who knows?
  • groundy
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    Is your client confusing his pension with some form of benefits he receives? I have not heard of a private pension that has any link to other earnings.
  • Kinga1989
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    thanks a lot for ur replies.
    it is definetely pension, he's brought the letter
    i also havent heard abt that connection before
    well his profits wont be higher than £100/week anyway
    i will ask him where he got that info from and post it here once i see him

    cheers guys
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